Data Centre

The data center serves as the backbone of the corporate network, connecting together servers, applications and storage across one infrastructure. Cloud computing and virtualization technologies are forcing enterprises to rethink their data center design to ensure the performance and efficiency of computing and storage resources in the face of increasing application demands.

Odowu Global Services can meet your product-level, cabinet and rack assembly needs. We integrate hardware, software and peripherals for a turn-key, ready to deploy solution. We work with your engineers on configurations, design improvements, and optimization. We provide racks for industrial applications, database servers, web servers, and networks, perfect for commercial, laboratory or workshop environments.

Our Server, Storage, and High Performance Computing (HPC) and data center solutions feature open architecture, best-of-breed industry standard components that allow for future growth and easy upgrades. Combined this with our extensive hardware and software integration services we are able to reduce both cost and risk.