Network Management and Maintenance

Our Network management teams ensure that all your network elements perform optimally with minimum service disruption. Odowu Global Services’s maintenance services include remote monitoring, routine maintenance and downtime repair.

  • Remote Monitoring Service

Remote monitoring of network element is provided 24/7 through the Operation and Maintenance Centre (OMC). We will provide automatic management of your network elements, such as Router, Repeater, Fibre Repeater, Switch, Load Balancer, etc., and provides alarm collection, status monitoring and parameter configuration.

  • Routine Maintenance Service

We can design a suitable routine maintenance service package for all your network elements. Our Trained technicians would be deployed to your site for physical inspection, fault rectification or firmware upgrade. This is to ensure that potential faults are detected early so that equipment downtime is minimized.

  • Down Time Repair

To ensure minimum service disruption to mobile subscribers, our trained technicians can be deployed to sit to investigate any alarm or physical disruption. Our technicians have the skills and materials needed to repair faulty modules and restore optimal operation in the shortest time.